Trees are the heart and lungs of the countryside, providing landscape, wildlife habitat, carbon offsetting, timber, woodfuel, amenity and legacy  

Exmoor Trees has been growing trees at one of the highest tree nurseries in the UK for 15 years, in exposed and windy conditions.  Producing trees that are fully ready to be planted out.  Our trees are grown in peat-free compost,  are generally two years old when they leave the nursery,  the perfect age to ensure rapid establishment in your ground. A full description of cell grown trees is on the Information page. You can get tree protection and growing products from Exmoor Trees

I like talking to people who want to plant and look after trees, but aren't quite sure what's involved. I run courses covering everything you need to have thought about from which trees to plant. design and spacing, planting and maintenance, to ongoing management

I blog, sharing information, observations and experiences with you