Acer pseudoplantanus

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A resilient broadleaf tree with dark green leaves and dark pink-grey bark that's smooth when young, but becomes cracked with age.
Yellowish catkin-like flowers appearing in spring are followed by bunches of green winged fruit.
Grows best as a specimen tree.

Growing Conditions:
Prefers fertile, moist but well-drained soil, but can tolerate most conditions.

Value To Wildlife:
Attracts aphids and their predators, including ladybirds, hoverflies and birds. Flowers provide a food source for bees and insects and the seeds are eaten by a variety of birds and smaller mammals.

Important Note:
You’ll receive a 2 year old well established whip that's between 20 to 60cm in height.
This is a deciduous tree and so will shed its leaves in autumn, in order to protect itself from the cold winter weather. Come spring, it’ll burst back into bud and begin to flourish once more.

It is best to plant your trees within a week or two weeks of arrival.
Remember, when your trees arrive we advise to keep them upright, well-watered and away from strong sunlight and high winds.
For further information on planting cell grown trees please click here to read our blog.

By using a tree guard it provides improved survival rates by offering first-line defence against pests such as voles, mice, rabbits, hares, deer, plus other wildlife and livestock, at a young tree's most vulnerable growing stage.

It also provides protection to your newly planted cell grown trees for from seasonal weather conditions, herbicides and other chemical sprays.

They can also guard against machinery contact and abrasion, such as strimmers.

To shop our range of tree guards and planting accessories click here.

It is important to note that there are many tree guard designs to choose from and each have a specific purpose, if you’re unsure of which type of shelter you require, please get in contact and we’d be happy to chat over your project and provide advice.

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  • British native

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    50 years
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