BIO Spiral Guard (with holes) - 600mm

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Provides protection from rodents, rabbits and other small wild animals at a young tree’s most vulnerable growing stage.
Ventilation holes minimise risk of mildew damage.
  • 100% plant based - no plastic!
  • Made from sustainable plant based starch - no petrochemical based material
  • Expands as the tree grows
  • Manufactured with ventilation holes to provide minimise mildew damage
  • Tested to meet conformity to EU guidelines
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
The CT Bio Spiral guard has a UV stabiliser incorporated at the time of manufacturing to provide a stable service life of 4-5 years
Will degrade over time due to the bacteria found in soil or due to enzymatic reactions. Alternatively, they can be inserted into an industrial composting unit which will degrade them within 6 months.

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