Why choose cell grown trees?

Why choose cell grown trees?

Exmoor Trees was founded over 15 years ago by Tim Greenland; a man passionate about all things trees, the environment and British wildlife!

At Exmoor Trees we are dedicated to growing hardy cell grown native and broadleaf trees, hedging and shrubs, at one of the highest tree nursery in England. In the heart of the Exmoor Forest in Somerset, 300+m above sea level, our cell grown plants are much stronger, hardier than tree whips and bare root plants, which are grown at lower altitude.

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Cell grown tree whips, are grown from seed in small individual containers, resulting in a compact root plug and present several benefits and advantages over bare root trees;

  • Cell grown plants are available throughout the year, whereas field grown, bare root plants are often not available until mid-November; this therefore allows for cell grown trees to be planted outside of the traditional planting season (September to May).
  • As cell grown whips can pretty much be planted year round, they offer farmers and landowners an extended and flexible planting season which they can work into their busy annual land management calendars.
  • When compared to bare root stock, the storage of cell grown trees is less complex and it’s also not as critical to get them planted out quite as quickly.
  • Handling cell grown plants after they have arrived to site is so much easier than bare root plants and they’re less likely to damage too.
  • The uniform, compact size of cell grown plant makes them considerably easier and quicker to plant out than bare root plants, which have long straggly root that can often be damaged in the planting out process.
  • Survival rates of our tree whips are high, due to the all above noted points, and because all Exmoor Tree cell grown trees are grown at high altitude, making for stronger and hardier plant. 

Cultivated in a peat free growing medium, in deep cell trays that safeguards their roots system, we supply native, naturalised woodland and hedge species which are more resistance to climate change.

Our trees whips are two years old and are between 20cm to 60cm in height; varying in height according to the species of tree.

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